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   Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, The (Newspaper) - October 31, 1940, Chillicothe, Missouri                                CjONSTlTOTlOfl N MlSSOORl IdW to the Constitution of Missouri Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of Missouri PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NUMBER ONE Constitutional Amendment Number One submitted by the General Auetnbly Amendment repealing Sections 21 and 22of Article Missouri Consti and enacting new section fixing compensation of members of the Gen eral Assembly at per JOINT AND CONCURBENT RESO LUTION submitting to the voters of the State of Missouri an amend mem repealing Sections 21 and 22 of Article IV of the Constitution I of and enacting in lieu thereof one new section to be known as Section as laprovided for the full term of such and at the expiration of each such term shall be eligible for retention in office by election in the manner here Whenever a declaration of candidacy for election to succeed himself is filed by any judgt under the provisions of this the Secretary of State shall not less than thirty days before the election certify the name of Said judge and the official title of liis office to the of the county and to the boards of election commissioners in counties or cities having sjich boards or to such other Officials as may hereafter be provided by of all counties and cities the question of retention of such judge in office is to be submitted to the until legislation shall be expressly provided otherwise the Judicial ballots required by this section shall be published and and the election upon the question of re tention of such judgein office shall be conducted and the votes can That at the general election to be held in tate on the first Tuesday after the Monuay in November in the year or at a special election to be called by the Governor in his discretion prior to such general elec there shall be submitted to the qualified voters of this state for adop tion or the following amend ment to the Constitution of the State of Missouri Section That Sections 21 and 22 of Article IV of the Constitution of Missouri be and the same are hereby and one new section enacted in lieu to be known as Section 1C and to read as follows The members of the General Assembly shall severally receive from T the State treasury for their services a monthly salary of one hundred and f twentyfive dollars per month com mencing as of January 1st next fol the adonlion of this and upon certification by the Presi dent and Secretary of the and by the Speaker and Chief Clerk of the House of as to the respective members the State 3jf Auditor is hereby directed and em powered to audit and the State Treas uror to pa the sum of one dollar 5CO ten miles they shall travel in going and returning from their place of once in each 011 the inost usual PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NUMBER TWO Constitutional Amendment Ntmber Two subrmtltd by the General Astembly Amendment repealing Section Article Missouri and enacting new section providing for the revision of the statutes in and every ten years JOINT AXD CONCURRENT RESO LUTION submitting to the voters of the State an amend ment repealing Section 41 of Article IV of the Constitution of cdonted at the general No vember pertaining to revision of ihe adopting in lieu thereof a new section pertaining to the subject to be known as Section 41 and determining this measure or bill to be a revision measure or Be it resolved by the House of Keprcstnta the Senate amcarruis therein That at the general election to te held in tills state on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in the jear or at a special elec tion to be called by the Governor for that there shall submitted to the qualified voters of this state for the following Constitution of the manner as is now provided by the statutory voting upon measures proposed by the Section Nonpartisan judicial commissions whose duty it shnll bs to nominate and submit to the Governor names of persons for appointment as provided by this amendment are here by established and shall be organized on the following basis For vacancies in the office of judge of the Supreme Court or any Court of there shall be Ona such commission lo be known ns Appellate Ju dicial for vacancies in the office of judge of any other court of record subject to the provisions of this there shall be one such to be known as The Judicial for each judicial circuit which shall be subject to the provisions of this Amendment the Appellate Ju dicial Commission shall consist of sev en one of which shall be the Chief Justice of the Supreme who shall act as and the remaining six members shall be chos en in the following manner The mem bers cf tlie Bar of this state residing in each Court of Appeals District shall elect one of their number to serve as a member of said and the Governor shall appoint one not a member of the from among the of each Court of Appeals to serve ns a member of said commission each Circuit Judicial Commission shall consist of five one of whom shall be the Pre siding Judge of the Court of Appeals j of the District within which the ju I dlcial circuit of such commission or the major portion of the of said circuit is who shall act as the remainingtour members shall he chosen inthe follow ing manner The members of the Bar of this state residingin tho ju dicial circuit of such commission shall elect two of their number to serve as members of said and the j Governor shall appoint two not members of the amongthe I residents of said judicial to serve as members ofsaid commission the terms of office of the members of j such commissions shall be fixed by the j Supreme Courtof Missouriandmay be changed from time to but not so as to shorten or lengthen the term of any member then in No member of any such commission other than the Chairman shall hold any public and no member shall hold any official position in a political par Every such commission may act only bv the concurrence of a majority of its The members of such commissions receive no salary or other compensation for their services as but they shall receive their noccssaiy traveling and other ex I incurred while actually engaged I in the Section That Section 41 of Article IV of the Constitution of adopedf at the No le and the same is herebyrepealed and a new section pertaining to the same subject adopted in lieu to he known as Section 41 and to read as follows Section In the year Ifl4fl and every ten years all the statutesfawn of general both civil and shall be digested and promulgated in such manner as the General Assembly shall Section It is hereby expressly de termined by the GOth General Assem bly that this measure or bill is a revision measure or bill within the meaning of the PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NUMBER THREE Submitted by initiative petition Amending Article VI of to provide for establishment of a non partisan system for the appointment and election of judges of certain Be it enacted by people oj the Slate of Missouri as follows The Constitution of the State of Mis souri is hereby amended by cdding to Article VI thereof seven new sections to read as follows Section Whenever a vacancy shall occur in theoffice Of any ol following courts of this and all elections pro vided for under this section shall be held and under such rules as tho Supreme Court of Missouri shall Section All expenses incurred in administering this when approved by the Supreme Court of shall be paid out of the state The Supreme Court shall certify such expenses to the State who shall draw his Tvnrrants therefor payable out of funds not otherwise Section No judge of any court of record in the State of Missouri ap pointed to or retained in office in the manner prescribed shall direct ly or indirectly make any contribution 10 or hold any office in a political party or or take part in anv political Section Ail of the provisions of this amendment shall be selfenforcing except those ns to which action by the General Assembly may be PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NUMBER FOUR Submitted by Initiative Petition AmendingArticle IV provide that the required number of signatures Ininitiative or referendum petitions based on the vote for I Be it enacted bythe people of the State of j Missouri That Seoticm S7 of Article TV of the j Constitution State of Missouri i able office and shall employ an i deputy whose compensation shall be j twentyfour hundred dollars per an 1 nuhi and such acMiavex i penses as may be ihcurred by him in the performance of his duties under i the direction and orders of the state game and fish warden the state game and fish commissioner may employ i and such other clerical i help as may be needed for the proper management of his such sten f ographers and other clerks not to be paid to exceed one hundred dollars per month at the end of i each calendar the said game I and flsh commissioner shall file with I the state an itemized state i ment of all sums of actually and hecessaruy expended by him in the discharge of his official duties i such statement shall include office salaries of all and the j expenses of deputies while traveling under his all necessary trav eling and all other expenses incurred i by him in the discharge cf his duties together with any office expenses Jn curred including stenographer 1 and pay for clerical and all other expenses him In the main tenance of his office and the discharge of his duties and upon the filing of such statement the state auditor shall draw his warrant Tor such amount upon and the same shall be paid out of Ihe state game protection and suchstatements shall bomade ly and payments therefor made month ly i Section Before entering upon the discharge of his official duties the game and nsh commissioner shall give bond in the sum of five thousand dollars to the state of with two or 1 more to the acceptance of i the secretary of conditioned that he will truly account for and apply all moneys which may come into his hands in his official and that he will faithfully perform the duties enjoined upon him by law and he shall take and subscribe the oath or affirmation required by the Constitu lion of the I Section The game and fish com I missioner shall keep a seal of which shall be used to authenticate all papers and documents issued and executed by him as such I Section In the month of January of each year the game and fish com I missioner shall make a report to the i official busi ness transacted by Such report shall show the number of hunters li censes together with all fees proceeding It shall show I what moneys hare been received by I the game and fish department from other fees and other It shall show the number ofdeputiesemployed 1 anti shall Tgive all necessary informa tlOn concerning the affairs of the und fish jsnldrejort to be published in pamphlet i Section It shall be the duty of i game and fish commissioner to enforce all laws now enacted and i which may lie hereafter enacted for I the preservation and prop agation of the game birds and fish of this and to prose or cause to be prosecuted all persons who violate such Said game and fish commissioner may I make complaint and cause proceedings to be commenced against any person for the violation of such and he shall not be obliged to furnish se for Said game and fish commissioner shall at any and all times seize any and all and fish which have been taken or killed ata in aman or for a or had in pos or which have been contrary to the laws of the Section Said game and fish com missioner shall have the same power to serve criminal processes as sher iffs or and shall have the same sheriffs or marshals to require aid In the execution of such process said gome and fish commis sioner may arrest without warrant any person caught by him Jn the of violating any of the laws of the state for the protection or propagation of game and and such person forthwith before a justice of the peace or any court havirig juris who shall proceed without de lay to try and determine the the same as in other criminal i Section The state game and fish i commissioner shall have power to ap point at any time one or more depu from each congressional who shall assist him in the discharge of his and such deputies shall have like and authority as is herein provided for the game and fish commissioner but such deputies shall lie subject to the supervision and con trol of the game and fish commls l oionernnd siibject to removal by i Such each receive a per i diem of four doHars per for each day while underthc direction of the state and ilsh to services the enforcement bf game and birds and their actual necessary expenses while working under the direction of the state gajne and fish which expenses shall be paid monthly nnrl of ecllon slirJl TIG nil r luoi of to nltr up 1 toforf IMJI and and powers as bo provided Section Thf sumo and fisli guilly of a annually in ihe I tin of iwt Jfl cf thr slate fume of hati Itt oiLruLion of tii lisii in thu o ia cxpcciiiture to 1u cut or tho proiictioii upon tattmtms LI vouchers oiiii xho game otion Ji is tlie commis CO t end Brobate Courts within the City of St and Jackson ihe Governor shall fill vacancy by appointing one of three pos sessing the qualifications for such who shall be iioialnaud and whose names ahall be submitted to the commission established and organized PS hereinafter Section At any general election the Qualified voters of any judicial numberofvotes cast lor Jbslice of the Supreme Court at regular elec tion last precedingtheVnling Of any petition fop the or for the i the basis on which theBumber of legal voters nec eesary to shall be they appear near the eild aJUl substituting i The votes cast for Gov upon vouchers verified under oath approved by the state game and fish and paid out of the game protection Section All deptity sher iffs Constables and other I leers are hereby declared to be fex game and fish commis therefor ya major of those voting on such question the judges of the courts cde oOilrtlian judges of appointed by the eembly nay provide the manner in suchquestioa shall be submitted ssecuon appointed Kursuaat to Ote provisions 01 this amendment shall hold office far a term ending December 31st following the next general election after the Tne twelve months in such tuff judge holding or at the time of the iy which tie provisions of amendment become office for the term to he would taje Men entitled luxd i last tlon for shallvbe the basis on the humbeftif fecal voters necessary to sign such lietKlon shall be PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NUMBER FIVE Submitted by Initiative Petition A proposition to repeat the Wild Life and Forestry Code and all laws and regulations ordained and established by the Conservation created by Constitutional Amendment 4 adopted by the people of Missouri at the General Election In and enacting In lieu thereof the Fish and Game Laws of the State of Missouri asthey existed on and prior to June Be it enacted of the State of Missouri as follows I Section That Sections 1 to lid of the Wild Life and For i the general election next eceojng the expiration of his term officeT any judge whose office s to the provisions of this may file in the office of State a declaration 01 election to succeed hiniset Ha declaration is not so Soffit shaU be filled by appointment fira H such a his name ehall be submlt Si crAwhic JurlsdUsttonal Mjrfts 1or circuit if his office 1s that on a separate ju ballot without party gbsJl be retained in office Yes Scratch One of those voting on tile vote against retaining him upon the expiration of his a vacancy shall exist be fiHed by appointment fcd Jn Section 1 of this tor the nimher olI JWTB aftwt as ordained and established on day by the Conserva tion created by edssTl tuttonalamendment Proposition A adopted by the people of the State j of Missouri at the general election j held in this State oh Tuesday the 3rd day of and all other laws arid regulations ordainedand es tablished by said be and the same are hereby repealed and the following Code Sections 1 to T09 in clusive thereof being the same as the Pish and Game Laws of the State of Missouri as said laws existed on and to the 30th day of 19J9 for the Conservation the Wild Life Resources of the State of enacted in lieu towit ARTICLE FISH AND GAME COMMISSIONER Section It shan be the fluty of the governor to appoint some by and with the advice and consent of skilled in matters relating to game and and a resi dent of this game and flsh com wbo stall hold his office for a term of four years and until bis successor has been appointed and 3Te shall receive a salary of three thousand dollars per annum payable monthly out of the game protection fund in thesame manner as other state officers are game and fishwar llf niry T Bail section Any officer or commissioner who shall fail to per formany duty or obligationen uponhim by the gameandfish laws shall be guilty of shatt be a fine of not onehundred more than five hundred and costs of Section stategameandfish commissioner shall cause to be pub lished pamphlet for general dfstribution the laws relating to same birds ana Section The state game and fish commissioner is hefeby authorized and it Ismade his duty as his judgment may to and main tain suitable fish hatcheries in this stateto propagate and plant fish in the waters of this state and to tribute as equally as taking into consideration the size of all streams and giving preference all streams other than the Missouri river ind ilississlppl by distribution of the flsh so propogatedto the waters Sf this state and for of So building and maintaining said and the planting and distribution of fish as planing to section Said commissioner is and greeted to fUrnlsh to the citizens of this state when possible free of cost for the stocking of private waters in this state the fish so propagated m the hatcheries of this The satd commStoner is further authorized to appoint and employ superintendents of such and such other assistance as may be neces sary toteuccessfully and economically etecUte and perform the duties here And it is here by made the duty of the commissioner and his deputies to patrol the waters othisstate and to protect the fish therein and to enforce the laws of this state protecting and to ar fest and prosecute any person found viola tingany ot lection The expenses incurred bvsaidfcommfastonertnthe discharge of the duties as hereinbefore provided shaa be paid out of the game protec Son the same way and tier as other expenses of thestate iame department are now or may The state com rolsSoner connectionvrith the Etate fair board maintain annually at the state fair a fish and game er hibit the expenses thereof to be paid out of the game protection upon statements and vouchers as other eac j penses of the state game department 1 are now or may hereafter be paid Section It is hereby directed that all the property of the state of Missouri now in possession of the flsh commission be at once de state game and flan and he is hereby U io tbergoi duly of Hie sioucr lo scl npart from the ol per toiii oi is and other1 moneys by lain iollicird in tho cnfprpenient of the iiml which shnll be set ami dedicated to th purpose of ing anil muinuiLiiing for state suitable real for for the recreation of the people oC ami such sums money when so collected deposited in the state treasury of ilisrcuri lo the credit of a fund which shall 1m and designated as the park and the flsn and game commission r in herchy authori izcd lo receive from iiuli viduals and the public for the use and benefit o said slate par and wiien such donations tio tho said fish nnd game shnll issue rcciin thnrcfuro 10 ihe and deposit the sum so received in tlicr state ol the credit of the park The said lish and Kamc coniniis sioncr by and wilh consent and approval of the governor nnd aiturnoy general is hereby authorized to tract for and purchase real the i title or which shall he conveyed to lie j state of for the use as j real estate whn o i purchased shall he under the super vision and control of said stato lish and game he used by the pcopKof ns public rocreaiion under suli rnlee and regulations as 1lie tlie aUornoysoiifral and the state i and game commissioner of this state may And when any real j is contracted for or purchased i as heroin provided a full report therei of be made to the overnor of the and a copy thereof filed wilh tho eecrotary of The flih and game hereby authorized anil il o set apart areas for free camping siies in said i parks to parks except j where said parks have a recognized i name in which case said name shall lie and improve ami maintain roads through j same to improve any of said parks so in any way or manner necessary for the protection nnd prop agation of and to dams and improve streams for tho i progagation nnd preservation of and to provide for the recreation of the people of this state in any of said parks to leaso or let any of the lands connected with or located in said parks for and on behalf of the state on such terms as the said i fish and game commissioner maydeem i for the purpose of j for game to purchase out of the fish j and game fund food to feed the fish and game in said parks to re move and sell stone and earth from said parks where it i is to the interest of the parks so to Said improvements may he Uono by contract or under he direct vision of the fish and as in his judgment he shall deem commissioner is ther empowered to purchaseout of said fish and game game stock and plant the same in said for the purpose of propagation and to em ploy game keepers and such assistants as inay be necessary for tho I of game in said parks and to pay such keepers and assist ants a salary j not to exceed seventyfive dollars per i The attorneygen eral and fish and game in the name of the may enforce j the right of eminent domain to con demn lands for stato park purposes whore as is now i railroad corporations for rishlsof And all cost and expenses In curred in the enforcement and admin istration of this section shall be paid out of the state park fund xipon war rants drawn siirned by the state game and fish Section The state game nnd fish commissioner may establish nnd main tain auxiliary game refuses for the protection and of and shall establish and maintain in connection therewith public hunting grounds on lands or waters suitable for that purpose where considered ad visable by Suitable lands or owned or controlled hy indi mu or by the state may he used for such subject to the permission of the proper authorities owning or controlling the The refuge and hunting rights to such lands or waters shall be conveyed in the form of a by the person or j persons having to the game j and fish commissioner for a period of i not less than ten years that i the game and fish commissioner may at any time upon sixty days notice to J the lessor cancel any lease for iiiary refuge and hunting when in the judgment of the game and fish j commissioner the use of such lands or waters is no longer needed or de sired and be it further that in case the owner or owners desire to sell and such sale not be consummated subject to said lease of the refuge hunting the lease may be cancelled by the game and fish commissioner within sixty days after request for such can cellatlon is filed with the game and j flsh if satisfied the j principal object of such sale is not I to convert to private use the refuge and hunting rights made more valu able through the use of such property as an auxiliary game The game and flsh commissioner shall set aside a portion of such leased lands or waters as a game refuge and the balance of such lands or waters shall Me open to public as provided under existing laws regulating said and such regulations as may be made by the game and fish com The game and fish com missioner shall surround that part of the lands or waters set aside as a by a single wire as a if the same is not already surrounded by a suitable enclosure or well de fined and shall post notices along the boundary lines of the refuge not more than one hundred fifty yards Such notices shall hear the words state game and such other information or rules and regu lations as the game and fish com hull I nol than iiur iiiiif i Isan Section It shall be the duty of all iiiiiiiiiiiii in the of passengers or prop erty by railroads operating in whole or ir part in the state of upon written application made by the Mis slato lish to haul and transport without charge or ccm the car used by said Jish com mission in the distribution of lish ihroujsluiiit this over all lines Icarcd or operated hy stnh together with any one or of Ve mrmbors for the time be ing said state fish com mission nd no to exceed four altend hilc accompanying said oar and iiiio the same is lieing used in con nection distribution of lish to any point m Ihis slate for the pur ol propagation tlni transportation of said car not in any manner unduly or un conflict uith or impede any regular schedule maintained hy such carriers for passenger or mail PRESERVATION OF FISH A a r a any or a in except the person so killing or having in possession shall consent that the title ot said lish and game shall be and remain in the state of for the purpose of regulating and control ling tho use and disposition of tlie samo after such taking or Tho killing or having in possession of fish or game nt any or in any man anv shall o deemed a consent of said person that the tiilo of the stato shall he md remain in tho for the purpose of regulat ing tho use and disposition of tho and snid possession shall be consent lo such title in the Section Xo person within state of Missouri kill or or have in his living or any wil I bird other than game or offer or expose for transport or within or with out any such wild bird after it has been killed or ox cfrpt is 7ermiltod by this Xo prirt of the skin or body of any bird protected hy this section shall bo sold or had in possession for irrespective of whet her said bird was captured or killed within or with out the For the purpose of this article tho following only shallbo sidered game birds The commonly known ns and river and sea ducks the commonly known ns mudhens and gallinules the commonly known as shore wood tatlers and curlews the comonly known as wild prairie partridges and quail the commonly known as doves and pigeons all other species of birds either inigratory or import shall be considered nongame Nothing in this article shall be con strued to prevent the possession and sale of live canaries and Section Xo person within the state of take or need lessly destroy the nest or the eggs of any wild nor shnll have such nest or eggs in possession except as permitted by this Section Any person who violates any of the provisions of sections 21 or shall be guilty and shall be liable to a fine of twenty five dollars for each and nn additional fine of five dollars for each living or dead or of or nest or ogg possessed in violation of this Seel ion Sections 22 and 23 of this article shall not apply to nny person holding a certificate giving the right to tnke birds and nests and eggs for scientific as provided for in section 2x Section Certificates may be granted hy the state game and fish commissioner to any properly accred ited person of the age of fifteen years or permitting the holder thereof to collect their nests or for strictly scientific purposes In order to obtain such certifi the applicant for the same must present to the state game and lish commissioner written testimonials from two wellknown ornithologists certifying to the good character nnd fltnesjof said applicant to be en trusted with such privilege must pay to the state game and fish commis sioner two dollars to defray the neces sary expenses attending the granting of such Certificates will become void upon proof that the hold er of such certificate has killed any or taken the nest or eggs of any for other than the purposes in sections 2t and 25 of this and the holder shall be further subject for earh offense to the penal ties provided in section 23 of this The certificates author ized hv section 25 shall expire on the 31st day of December of the year is sued aiid shall not be Section The English or Euro pean house Coopers hawk sharpskinned groat horned crow and crow blackbird bronzed grackle are not included Among the birds protected by this ar tKSection 28 Xo person shall capture or kill by any means what ever any game bird except the fol lowing named game birds between the following dates both Wild Uirkev December 1st to December 31st of each Quail bobwhite partridge and November the 10th to December each nucks black breasted and golden greater Snd lesser yellow legs coots and January 1st to April 3Hh nnd September 15th to December of each September 1st to December not more than ten doves can be killed by any one in one or have in his pos ession more than 15 Anyone wlio shaU violate any of the of this section shall be guilty of a missioner may deem advisable Proi that all lands so leased or placed in control of the state as auxiliary game refuges or otherwise shall be subject to levy I and collection of all taxes for the state or any political subdivision thereof may be legally levied j and collected on other lands situated Within such political Section No person or persons for the purpose of hunting or taking gameor fish from any but flowing waters of this enter upon a state game located on a state park or an auxiliary game refuge located upon leased land or i unless duly authorized to I so by the game and fish j but it shall be illegal for anyone i hunt upon a game The fenio and fish commissioner remove front such rcfiipes nnd state parks or permit the removal of pred atory arJ in such man ner and at such times as he may deem he may trap thereon and transport guirft birds for stocking No yerI shall et fire to any grass or leaves on stale parks or i or set fire to any place where it I liable to spread to such state parks i or leased lands except the game ail I fish crimmissionpi ii authorized to burnprotection Any person auy Oi ihe visions si section Any person who shall tnke capture or except tinder per mit anv pinnated grouse prairie chick Viiffpcl srrouse Mon golian English orotlier migratory or im ported game except iictlon 2S shall be punished by a fine of not less than twentyfive dol ors nor more than fifty dol lars for cach and an aaddit onal fine of five dollars for each bird killed or Any person in the niirsuant of anv wild goose or hrant or other aquatic upon the of this shall use any neak or any sail or boat nOTellert by electric nr other engine or or any bitterv swivel gun or punt or v ho 4all kill or attempt kill or while occupying or using any any wild brant other aquatic or who shall ct istriKl or for the purpose of upon the any fixed or tif iii blind or shall be nu hod bv u fine of not less than rinllirs SlOM nor more than dollars the wnnis or PJnt gun hin iriplv to any firearm too heavy i Vilischarsreil t arms or being of colttre larger than ten 31 No person shall at any me make use of any dead fa t lick bpted hook or any other sim fiar any chem i i the purpose of jMr rapruilnp or killing any birds protected by the laws of except as otherwise Vhe pit or any other word n section shall not as agaiast the use of stationary hlind or other means of i avvauiiijf the ilighL of game in legal No shall catch or kill any wild wild brant or other bird or between the sunset nnd onehalf hour before the following No person shall take or kill any wild turkey or any bird other than aquatic fowl between sun set and the following Any person violating any provisions of ihis be punished by a lino of not than twintyfive nor more than ono hundred dollars Section It is hereby declared un lawful to hunt or to kill or at tempt to kill anv deer in any or to hunt or Yluuc tlie fame in this at nny tune ex cept that for three consecutive days hotinning with tlie fourth Thursday of Ottolier of each year after shall be lawful to kill male deer bucks with four or more points to ono subject to the regulations inaftcr No person except landowners when hunting on their premises sholl hunt or kill deer in any manner except through the use of Kim propelling one alblead ir lead alloy or softnosed or expanding bul let or ball at a single or to take deer in any manner except through the method known ns stMl but at notime shall it lo lawful to shoot or cap ture or attempt to or cap any deer while taking refuse in or swimming through the waters of any pond or or onehair hour after sunset and one half hour before nor shall it be lawful to make use of a dog in taking or killing No person shall kill more than one buck deer during the open sea No person except landowners hunting on their own premises shall hunt for deer during the open season unless such person shall have in his or her possession a special leer which tag shall be printed in du plicate and shall be furnished hy the state game and lish and may bo obtained hy persons having hunting from the fish county duly appointed license or the li cense collector of the oily of Such deer may be issued to li censed resident hunters upon payment of the fee of and to licensed nonresident hunters upot of the fee of All revenue derived from the sale of such deer tags shall be accounted for in the manner as hunting and fishing linh person who kills any door except on his or her own premises shall imme diately sin Ins license and date to both the original and duplicate deer and shall there upon detach the duplicate tag from tlie original and mail the duplicate tag to the state game and fish com missioner attaching the original deer tag to the deer and this tag shall accompany said deer carcass at all times until its final and upon the deer being finally con or within three days there said original deer tag shall be sent or caused to he sent to the state game and fish Any deer carcass not having mi original deer tag attached thereto as herein provided shall be deemed ns illegally taken and subject to confiscation and the pos sessor or shipper subject to Persons having legally killed a deer in this and having thf same properly tagged may legally hold such deer carcass in possession until the 5th of following the closed Any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a felony and pun ished hy imprisonment in tho state penitentiary for a term not exceeding two or by imprisonment in the county jail not less than 3ft or by a fine of less than nor more than or by both such fine and Section No person shall or destroy nny grey fox sciuirrel squirrel or black except from June 1st to November 30th each both dates inclusive not to exceed ten in any one nor shall any person in kill or destroy any such squirrels at any time in any public or private park provided that any person may protect his or her premises from the ravages nnd depre dations of animals named in this sec tion at any time and in any Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this section shall bo guilty of a Section It shall be for any person to kill any furbearing wild or have in offer for bargain trans port or ship the same or any part or their at any time ex cept during the period between No vember 15th and December 31st of each and January 1st to January 15th of the following except as is otherwise provided for in this article that pelts which have been manufactured for commercial wearing apparel or ornament or for scientific purposes legally per shall not be subject to the re strictions and limitations imposed in this article for wild animals and pelts before they have been legally Any person violating any of the pro visions of this section upon con be guilty of a Section The state game and fish commissioner is hereby authorized to issue n license known as n dealers and shippers which is de signed to permit the holder thereof to properly use fur pelts for commer cial purposes in such manner as will not make difficult the enforcement of the legal requirements for protection of the states resources of wild ani Such license may be issued to applicants upon payment of the sum of five dollars to the state game and fish in the usual man ner as other licenses nre issued upon The revenue derived therefrom shall be placed in the srame protection Dealers and ship pers license shall authorize tho holder thereof to and commercialize m fur pelts when such pelts have been obtained legally in the state of Missouri or else and when such Missouri pelts are not in green or undry condi tion at the time of receiving when shipped between January 3lst and February of each Holders such license may only se cure such license upon the express condition that the officials of the state game and fish department shall have access freely and untrammelled to inspect the supply of fur animals or their pelts in the possession oi the li nnd during usual business All licenses must be signed by the holder of said of licenses must exhibit the f amp to any United States postal authorities or servant or employee con nected with transportation of such originating in aiis must be clearly and marked with the name and address ot the shipper his or her license num legal for Missouri fur ueceinutr mi to the end of n J he in undry or conei firm or which nre vnTM iisat hy agpnt if ia his personal pos session at the time md plaowhere is made Section Any person who has ob tained the regular hunting license is sued by the game and fish de duly issued to him or may ship fur captured by him when mide Iy holders of htmling but nonresidents of this i have secured a nonresident 11I cense to hunt and may also and ship fur pelts from Misj in the legal nnd can use a nonresident hunting license in lieu of n dealers license if he or she so i All shipments by licensed horizp fhe person hnnt and nsh dun lakesor ponds for tho privilege ot Section The state game fish commissioner shall issue licenses to for hunting ami lisb in tho manner and under iho con diiion hereinafter staled all for I lift siitte The stale ami tisli commissioner shall procure the printing of all licenses for hunt ing and and a of sucli licenses issued to shall bo kept in the office of the staugainw denlers ami secutively at the time they are prnu C same It is hereby made the duty of alt persons engaged ifi transi portation to comply with the regulaI tions herein set forth in conformity with other sections particularly ap plied to transportation in any Shippers using TTnited States postal shipments must comply with all re quirements regarding transportation by othe common nnd in compliance with the Lacy net regu lating interstate shipments required to be made in conformity with state Possession of a license to nu thorize transporting or possession of fame or fur shall bo construed to mean having such license at the tine nnd place where demand is made to and inspect tho authorized Settion It shall land owners nnd tenants to destroy any furhearing animal which is commitinsr depredations upon their crops or domestic but undono circumstances shall it he legal to ship or commercialize in the pelts of such depredating nni or any part if caught or killed out of Section The animals designated hunting the waters of this stale clur the lif of said s k u n civet red grey of this marten wolvj procure for himself or her nnd hut not fifteenday fishing license in or Licenses issued to manner as herein provided dealers may be revoked at any time obtaining a combined iionresWent by the state game and flsh license and by sioner when satisfied the holder there the state game and fisii of is deliberately ignoring the requireEmmWoner the which monts of tho Before such license shall be revoked the game fish commissioner shall obtain written evi dence from the dealer nnd his accus fHlVllll I tlltj commissioner the sum of which B shall entitle tho holder to lish issuing donee from the dealer his aeons Vid and such evidence shnll County clerks and the Krt it o in Arrirrt m v r II LIU II vjuitttij i ho kept as a record m the office of collector of the city of the state gnme and fish jssue resident ami non and after tho accused dealer has been licenses undor the seal oC given an opportunity to present his their ottice to nn persons complying defense with the provisions of this It is hereby declared to i ll t1 v Section It is hereby declared to before be unlawful for any person to tiso any iicenoee shan nave the right there device to smoke furbearinganimals 5 he shall sign devVceto smoke furbearing animals out of their dens or place of retreat name in ink on the margin of the or in any manner to smoke them cierk shall keep a record and it is likewise declared unlawful f issued in a to he to have in any such smoke Dy the state game and flsh while hunting or trapping the which record shall re 1 ill uy which record shall re in this ajn jrl hi3 Offjce ana be open to tho Section The state game and inspection of tne public at all nereby authorized the license collector of animals enumerated in this Section The state fish commissioner is hereby flsh commissioner is hereby autnorizen and the ncenso collector of and directed to secure th j o st snnn retain out between his department and the offl f th money received for each li cials of the Tnited States government cense the sum of fifteen cents concerned with adequate means for wncn Shall cover the securing of the destruction of wolves in any counwrltten and all other ty of this state where such animals under this which said have become especially numerous ana f nfteen cents paid to said clerks cmarterlv or annual statements OL restrictions contained In sections as pyoVided in sections 11S10 and 39 and shall be the same R and they shall pay as contained in section tha bolance to the state treasurer on Inals mitted to the state on tli Section The right given by this flrst of gagh month or within article to take or kill game or or tnereafter any person violating to have in unless other of tne provlsions of this wise specified is limited to food pur be Deemed guilty of a misde and to one ton quail or meanor and fifteen additional game geetion Resident licenses shall birds of each and every other family ag county resident for each person in any one calendar and state resident A oonnfjr and no person shall kill or license shall entitle the hold in Viic nnccchieinn nt anv one time fiaVi iii thA cation with any county clerk or the by any person for more than five 3 license collector of the city of after the close of the season lorKiii stating his or her ing the same that tne O postoffice filing of a petition signed by one tne of njs or her hair and clred or more householders of any I and tne fnpt whether he or she can county and presented to the county i or cannot sign his or her own court at any regular or special term and paying to said clerk the sum oC thereof more than thirty days before ona for a license to hunt and any general election to be had and I fn tne county where he or she held in said it shall be the j resiaes and any county adjoining the county court to order the or two and fifty onehundrertth9 tiv qtiostton as to whether or not there should be a closed season upon quail s a or two and fifty onehundredth9 for a state license f that this section shall not ap owners and tenants of farm or nesh of any fish or game n or nes o protected by this fpeptwhen siich nossession or control is permitted m any the nome of the firm he or jhe age offered for shipment theretmden shall be demeanor and the his deputies are hereby authorized to take eame or wild or iSt or flesh thereof from any person who may be holding the in violation of this Section Any person who i have in his possession or under nis control any of the following variety of fish when taken from the watt rsof this and less than the herein towlt oiany Epecie g inches in undep g Jnches length channel cat under in rock tass or goggle eye under o inches In tti be at i waters firr or i shipments is offered must sign or her trout nndir 8 Inches salmon under 12 inches in ex cept when such possession or control may be permitted by shall be guilty of a Measure ments to be from end of nose to tip of In case any of the above spe cies under the size herein set forth be caught by any person the same shall immediately be returned un harmed JLO the vater from which Section It shall be unlawful for any person ter the passage ofWa act to hunt or flsh in this state sr lo ixxsess one ESuSSSjSan JiJ 1 nViall Oil ac n or s out first obtaining license permitting him or he all to dated liUOtUK tu tttc a proper demand Is made lensrth drum under 9 incnes in t es in jack shall ui without tii sfato nnd rect to a licensed tion every member of anv trav or any agent or fjrm or cling representative of r corporation ns inr bujer must be providea nn in summon issued and 519 CB and refusing to present the same demand is made deemed guilty of a misde Section Any person who shair hunt or nsh in this state without berut at the time in possession of a as herein duly issued to him or which license shall cover the period In which he or she shall bo hunting or or who shall fur nish toanother person a license issued to nlm or her shall be guilty of mis Section Any person who shall mate to any person authorized to licenses a false or ghall change or alter in any manner a license shaU be guilty of and fish commissioner to the clerks of the several and the license collector of the city of shall issue the same upon the terms and conditions herein provided no more than one license shall he issued to the same person In nny one cal endar year and the hunting licenses now issued and in force shall entitle the holder thereof to both hunt and fish in this article provided during the life of such Section Any nonresiaent of this state may secure a license for huntinpr nnd fishing by tiling his or her with the state game iiinl fish commissioner or any or the license collector for the city of Louis staling his or her place of color of and anil tho fact whether he or she can or cannot write his or her own and paying to the state game and fish commissioner the sum of ten dollars Section Any nonresident of this state may procure for himself or her self a fishing license in the same way and manner as provided lor combined nonrosidchc fishing license and hy md fisli t Pnoiiui Ltv i rroi for the next two years in their sata I pjy LU county submitted to the qualifiert usea exclusively for agricu ers to be voted on hy them at the turai and members of their next tpon the receiving of I famjiies under the age of twentyone such petition It shall be the duty of year3r may hunt and flsh on their the countv court to make the order as i own or teased without obtain herein nnd the county clerk tt license that no female shnll see that there is printed upon I minor who are resident citizens all the ballots to be voted at the next of this state shall be required to tako election the following I out a fishing license and provided For a closed season upon Tes farther that no person shall he requirort jj to take out a fishing license to lish s Erase the word you do not wish toi in the waters within the boundaries jj of the county in which he resides S The returns of said election upon said nothing herein shall be so conjj subject shall be canvassed and atrued to permit a person to fish r certified as tho returns for general jn any roxmty than that In which g elections If the majority of the votes he resides without first taking out a s cast upon such subject be in favor fishing license as provided by this ofthe closed season upon then I it shall be unlawful to capture Section Any citizen of this state or kill nnv quail or bobwhite within ntt exempted by the provisionH of this such county for the period of two article may procure for himself vears thereafter following the anJng JcenSe by filing his nouncement of the result of said electen appHcutton in the same way 2 tlon and the county court shall spread and manner as provided for in making thoresult of such election upon its application for the combined minting records and give notice thereof toy jjna flshinff and upon the pay nublication in some newspaper ment the sum of one and ed and published In such anrt shaU be statewide fish such law shall become operative and Ing jleense aml entitled the holder effective from the time such publicathereof to flsh In Uny waters of this errcctivt state durinB the Ife of Section For the purpose of cur rying out the provisions of this ar the license erttector of the cWy of Louis shall correspond to county clerks of the various counties Of Such license shall be provided With the license blanks and application anrt license Ho shall issno resident and nonresident licenses and collect therefor the fee required in section 51 of this and for each license issuedsaid license collector shall retain from such money col lected a fee of fifteen rents each ha shall keep such records relating to licenses issued and make suchreports to the state game and flsh commis sioner concerning the same as tfej provisions of this article require of county Section It Is hereby declared to be the duty of every person holding a license in this state to present tho same for inspection by the game and flsh or any of his depu or any marshal or con Any person holding a license   
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